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The change pet friendly guesthouses made guesthouses in kilkenny city to the scale are listed in Table 1.

Discussion and conclusion Throughout the guesthouses paris process of adaptation of the FAS-IR guesthouses bed and breakfast into Brazilian Portuguese, we sought to achieve semantic equivalence between the original and the translated versions.

This process involved using language with a focus on maintaining the meaning of the concepts contained in the original instrument so that it would have a similar effect on the respondents in both cultures. 9 As a result, the interaction between subjects and interviewers was especially important, in the sense of enduring that guesthouses in ennis the original meaning of the mayrhofen guesthouses question would be conveyed. The process of adapting an instrument is thus a combination of literal word translation and careful fine-tuning guesthouses penzance that addresses the cultural context and lifestyle of the target population.

9 Moreover, approval of the back-translated version by the original authors ensured that the original meanings were not lost.

As a result, guesthouses in ballsbridge we strongly believe that the Brazilian version of FAS-IR can provide a baseline measure of accommodation and serve as a sensitive measure of changes obtained with cognitive-behavioral treatment approaches.

In sum, the availability of the FAS-IR in Brazilian Portuguese will allow Brazilian investigators to evaluate the participation of family members in rituals and changes in routine, as well as the influence of such participation on the maintenance of symptoms.

Moreover, it can be wales guesthouses used to assess whether family accommodation is a predictor of the treatment outcome.

Finally, the translation of the guesthouses belfast FAS-IR will also enable comparisons between national and international studies on family accommodation.

Future studies are needed to assess the reliability and validity of the Brazilian version of the scale. Moreover, it would be interesting to add a family-based intervention, aimed at reducing family accommodation, to standard OCD treatments and examine whether this improves treatment outcomes. Acknowledgments guesthouses khao san road The authors are grateful to health guesthouses cambridge professionals Anna Williams, Patricia Pranke, Ygor Ferro, and Rui Ramos Neto, mayrhofen guesthouses and to all the patients and their mayrhofen guesthouses relatives for their cooperation.

Also our thanks to Esperana Moniz, at the University of Southern California, for her assistance with the samui guesthouses back translation ubud guesthouses from Portuguese into English.