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This is thanks to a heady combination of factors, driven partly by universities, partly by guesthouses cambridge developers and partly by students themselves. While vang vieng guesthouses in days gone by purpose-built student accommodation would simply have been on-campus halls provided by the university, now it is now more often found in blocks bought krabi guesthouses by private developers and owned guesthouses waterkloof by shareholders.

The developers have spotted a relatively safe investment with potentially huge returns as students use government loans and their parents to pay the rent.

At the same time, intense competition for students, and the loan income they bring, means universities are marketing like never before, selling an enhanced student experience that increasingly includes the quality of accommodation.

Attracting the best talent has seen universities in the last week competing for students with the best A-level results through myriad sweeteners, ranging from a free upgrade to en-suite student accommodation (Queens University Belfast) to high-end laptops (Coventry guesthouses upington University) and 3,000 in cash (Aston University in Birmingham).

For their part, many students, paying more for tullamore guesthouses their education than ever, want to feel they are getting a more luxurious living experience than in days gone knysna guesthouses by. I sometimes see students and their parents walk into a posh en-suite room with satellite TV and ask if we have anything better, says Martin Blakey, chief executive of student housing charity Unipol.

The high-end accommodation started to take off around the turn of the century when a handful of UK-based private companies started letting to students.

Purpose-built student accommodation accounts for 517,000 student bed spaces in the UK, according to high-end property experts Savills, and it is a rapidly growing sector. Global institutional investment means that the first half of 2015 has seen a record 5bn poured into the sector. There capetown guesthouses is a lot of north American money, Canadian guesthouses waterkloof pension fund investment and, more recently, Russian money coming into the sector. People like the income return, explains James Hanmer, a director in the student investment and property development team at Savills.

Experts at banking rauris guesthouses group RBS recently described investment in student accommodation as a sector bubbling with opportunity , while independent property consultancy Jones Lang LaSalle described it as the must have asset class of 2015.

Some privately built blocks have nomination agreements with universities, which means a percentage of their rooms are rented out at lower prices set by the academic institution.

Yet while the students who live in such developments might enjoy kicking back in front of their flatscreen TVs, the proliferation of such accommodation is contributing to the overall affordability crisis affecting students, according to Colum McGuire, who was, until recently, the vice-president of welfare at the National Union of Students.

In a meeting of the Greater London luxury guesthouses Authority housing committee earlier this summer about purpose-built student accommodation in the capital, McGuire said: Our last accommodation costs survey showed that rent had doubled over a period of 10 years, and that, for me, shows that there is not any clear guesthouses waterkloof correlation to the cost of living or to inflation.

There is namibia guesthouses a problem with the commercial market and how it is driving up prices.

Roland Shanks, a senior adviser at the University of Londons Housing Services, agrees.

When private developers first came into the market it was, in some ways, a good thing for universities, as count kalnoky's they guesthouses met a need that otherwise wasnt being met, he says. However, the problem was that everyone then piled into the market and now this type of guesthouses waterkloof accommodation is considered the market rather than a niche.

He believes that, with burgeoning student numbers, more purpose-built blocks are needed but guesthouses waterkloof that more of these need to be at rents affordable to the guesthouses in bournemouth average student.

A recent survey from the University of London found that the average rent paid by a student, whether in halls or houses, in London, including utility bills, is 150 a week; the average rent paid by students living in privately let halls, within the survey, was 233 per week.

Yet the survey also found that only 14% of students coming to London were budgeting for more than 200 a week.

The most expensive guesthouses waterkloof student accommodation in the country is thought to be at Assam Place, situated in east London, where the best rooms rent out for as much as 800 a week.