Guesthouses stellenbosch

Also see: LSE Accommodation Policy PDF Students with children Students living with children can be accommodated in a small number of flats and houses.

We offer family accommodation on a first come, first served basis, and give priority to families who already live in residences. Students with disabilities Special consideration is given to applications supported by the Disability and Well-being Office.

For more information see: Application for priority How likely is it that I will be offered a place?

First year undergraduate degree and guesthouses General laos guesthouses Course students If you are a first year undergraduate or General Course student, you are guaranteed an offer of accommodation as long as you apply by the deadline of 30 June 2015.

If you are holding the School as an insurance place we will not make you an glasgow guesthouses offer of accommodation until your place becomes firm.

Also see: LSE Accommodation Policy PDF New postgraduate students Our remaining bed spaces (approximately 40 per cent) are allocated to postgraduate guesthouses in hanoi students who have applied by the deadline.

For postgraduate students, this is the guesthouses aviemore 31 July guesthouses kilkenny 2015. Also see: LSE Accommodation Policy PDF Continuing students The last remaining places (around boutique 5 per guesthouses cent) are reserved for continuing students stellenbosch in special circumstances or current and guesthouses durban recent guesthouses worcester student hall committee members.

In either case, you will still have to go through the regular application process, apply by the deadline, and places will sihanoukville ultimately be phuket guesthouses selected by wardens and guesthouses stellenbosch managers in each hall. Also see: LSE Accommodation Policy PDF How long will it take until I receive an offer decision?

An instant blackpool guesthouses guesthouses acknowledgement email is sent to you, once your application has been received.

We will then aim to let you know within 28 days guesthouses whether your guesthouses application stellenbosch has been successful.