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Tim is capetown guesthouses a travel writer who capetown guesthouses has covered 10 African countries for Lonely Planet's Africa, East Africa and West capetown guesthouses Africa guidebooks.Etosha National Park, Namibia Etosha NP - rhinos by KingGolo Written Sep 27, 2015 Helpfulness The hook-lipped rhinoceros is getting rarer and rarer, but if you are lucky, you can see some in the Etosha NP. We were - and saw two males settling a dispute concerning who can drink where at the waterhole.

It donegal guesthouses was a spectacular view - the more dominant rhino approached guesthouses inverness the other one threateningly and kind of pushed it into the water where it remained unmoving and humble.

Only when the dominant male walked away to its side of the waterhole, the other rhino moved again. Interestingly, the koh phangan guesthouses rest of the animals around didn't care at all - zebras and springboks capetown guesthouses were drinking undisturbed of the argument next to them.

We later capetown guesthouses learned that rhinos have capetown guesthouses the highest guesthouses padstow rate of mortal combat among guesthouses in all wexford mammals: 50% of the males and 30% of the females die because of combat-related injuries!

Etosha NP - ostriches by KingGolo Written Sep 27, guesthouses pickering 2015 Helpfulness When driving through galway city guesthouses guesthouses salisbury guesthouses on capetown khao san road the barren landscape of the Etosha NP, you will more often than not see huge black dots on the fermanagh guesthouses horizon.

Getting closer, you will discover that they are not boulders or anything the like, but ostriches, the world's largest birds.

As male ostriches can grow eastbourne guesthouses to a height of 2.guesthouses in ireland 5m, they are easily visible uk guesthouses knysna guesthouses even in capetown guesthouses the far distance. When breeding, female ostriches take over the day shift while male ostriches breed at night.

Consequently, their plumage is adapted to the respective time of sheffield guesthouses the day.Ongava Lodge, Etosha, Namibia Accommodation: Glass-fronted thatch chalets & 1 family room Highlights: Excellent wildlife photo opportunities, desert-adapted black guesthouses southend and white rhino Activities: Day & night capetown wildlife-viewing guesthouses, day trips into Etosha National Park This Namibia safari lodge in the private Ongava Game Reserve hotels and guesthouses for sale capetown guesthouses provides guests with elegant and comfortable accommodation in air-conditioned thatched chalets.